Samir Mitragotri

Professor, Chemical Engineering
Founding Director, Center for Bioengineering
UC Santa Barbara


  • Ph.D., MIT, 1996
  • B.S., Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, 1992

Research Interests: 

Drug delivery and Biomaterials
Advancement of fundamental understanding of transport processes in biological systems and development of new materials and technologies for diagnosis and treatment of various ailments including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases.

  • Development of novel technologies including the use of chemical enhancers, microjets, ultrasound, ionic liquids and peptides to enable transdermal delivery of proteins, peptides and siRNA
  • Development of novel mucoadhesive polymer devices to enable oral delivery of proteins
  • Development of particles of unique morphologies and demonstration of their advantages for targeted drug delivery
  • Development of cell-based methods for nanoparticle delivery
  • Development of synthetic platelet and red blood cell-mimetic particles

Publications & Presentations: 

  • Over 170 publications in scientific journals including Science, Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Materials, PNAS, ACS Nano and Advanced Materials. Over 230 invited lectures in various conferences and universities around the world.
  • Inventor on over 80 pending or issued patents.
  • More than 12,200 citations (h-index of 61).
  • Work highlighted in numerous popular and news media including Scientific American, Popular Science, R&D Magazine, New York Times, USA Today and Discover Magazine.
  • Co-founded seven companies (Sontra, fqubed, Stratagent, Seventh Sense, Dx, Entrega and Convoy)
  • Associate Editor of the Journal of Controlled Release.

Awards & Recognition: 

  • Elected fellow of NAI, AAAS and AIBME.
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineering’s Allan P. Colburn award for outstanding publication record
  • Controlled Release Society’s Young Investigator award for outstanding work in drug delivery
  • Technology Review Young Inventor award (TR35) for technological innovation.
  • Chancellor’s award for excellence in undergraduate research.


  • Professor, Chemical Engineering.
  • Founding Director, Center for Bioengineering
  • Director, Translational Medical Research Laboratories.

Community Service: 


  • Mentored over 50 graduate students and post-docs
  • Mentored research projects of about 100 undergraduate students