John E. Bowers

John Bowers
Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Distinguished Professor, Technology Management Program
Distinguished Professor, Materials

Tech Venture Experience: 

AT&T Bell Laboratories, Calient Networks, Terabit Technology
Technology Management Program

Professor Bowers' research interests are in energy efficiency and in the development of novel optoelectronic devices for the next generation of optical networks. His research interests include silicon photonics and integrated circuits, optical switching, the design of quantum well structures for high speed light generation and detection, and the design of high speed time division multiplexed systems and devices. Prior to joining UCSB in 1987, Professor Bowers worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories on semiconductor lasers and photodetectors. Professor Bowers is Director of the Institute for Energy Efficiency and a member of the Technology Management Program (TMP).


Research Interests: 

Energy Efficiency, Optical Devices and Networks, Silicon photonics, Thermoelectrics, Photovoltaics


Director, Institute for Energy Efficiency

Faculty Affiliate, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Affiliate, Materials



University of California
Santa Barbara