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Inaugural MTM Class of 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

When Letitia Mueller joined UC Santa Barbara’s Technology Management Program’s (TMP) New Venture Competition in 2015, the former biochemistry major got a taste of the exciting world of tech-based business. Her team, Chemoguard, a service that monitors chemotherapy levels in a patient’s tissues, went on to win in the Tech-Driven category of the contest.

For Mueller, the victory represented the beginning of a new career direction: technology management.

Meanwhile, Matthew Baum had already been a few years in industry, having graduated from UCSB with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2007. After spending several years in the design division of a startup, he decided to make the move from bench to boardroom.

“I had reached a point where I had moved up as far as I could without jumping into more of a management role,” he said. According to Baum, he needed to be ready for the next opportunity to make that move.

Both Mueller and Baum represent a growing population of science- and engineering-minded individuals in the workforce looking to navigate the world of technology-based business. It’s a rapidly expanding field that requires not only innovators and quick thinkers, but also those who have solid management and market analytical skills. Now after nine months learning from leaders in the field, Mueller and Baum along with 19 other students comprise the inaugural graduating class of UCSB’s first Master of Technology Management (MTM) professional progam, organized under the auspices of TMP.


By Sonia Fernandez, The Current

June 10, 2016