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Student Spotlight: Madison Rosen - Great Things Ahead

Monday, June 12, 2017

TMP Student Spotlight: Madison Rosen

Madison Rosen is graduating this June 2017 with a double major in Communication and in Psychology, as well a certificate in Technology Management. 

Originally from Oak Park, California, Madison has traveled to London and Washington D.C, where she was part of the UCDC program.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, and lounging on her oceanfront balcony.





Your learning experiences in TMP 

How did you hear about TMP and why did you decide to join the program?

I heard about TMP through a couple of girls in my sorority, and after taking TMP 111 Speaker Series, I knew I wanted to join the program because of how practical and applicable the classes were. The certificate program is manageable to complete, even as a student who double majored, studied abroad, and participated in the UCDC program. There are many classes offered each quarter and Katie Trigg from advising is helpful in making sure you can get the courses you need.

Your advice to students/parents about UCSB’s TMP

What advice would you give to students about UCSB’s Technology Management certificate program?

My advice to future students about UCSB’s Technology Management program is to take advantage of all of the great courses, and even if you don’t have the time to complete the certificate, try and take as many courses in the program as you can. I also encourage students to be flexible since the program is still growing; things don’t always go according to plan but great things can come from these experiences, much like the real world in entrepreneurship! This quarter I was enrolled in a course that got canceled and I ended up with the opportunity to take a graduate course called Managing Innovation, which has been one of the most practical and exciting classes I have taken at UCSB.

Your Goals after UCSB and TMP 

Where are you going after graduation and what are your plans? (e.g. job, grad school, etc.)

After graduating in June, I hope to work in the nonprofit sector in the Bay Area combining my passion for communication, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

Photos courtesy of Madison Rosen.

Contact: Roxanna Van Norman, PR & Communications Manager, roxanna@tmp.ucsb.edu