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Brian Fox

Founder and CEO of Opus Logica, Inc.

Brian J. Fox is an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, author, and free software advocate. He was the original author of the GNU Bash shell, which he announced as a beta in June 1989. Fox also built the first interactive online banking software in the U.S. for Wells Fargo in 1995, and he created an open source election system in 2008.

Brian got involved in computing in the early 1980s.  He authored Terrapin Logo for the Apple //e and Apple //gs computers, and then began working with Richard Stallman (RMS) to help build the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and project GNU at MIT.  While working with RMS, Brian authored Info and Makeinfo and contributed heavily to the TeXinfo doocumentation system.  He also was the maintainer of Emacs, and contributed to both gcc and gdb.  His "readline" and "history" libraries are widely used in a wide variety of applications.

Fox is best known for the Bash shell, which runs on millions of computing devices worldwide, including, but not limited to, every MacOS, every *nix, a wide variety of routers, printers, crockpots, robots, in-flight entertainment systems, Tim Horton's digital menus, gas station advertising, the ISS, and the DeLaval Cow Milking System.