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Donna White

Founder & Managing Partner of August Venture Talent

Donna White is Founder & Managing Partner of August Venture Talent, an ambitious executive search and talent acquisition firm supporting the startup ecosystem and companies undergoing transformation. AVT was birthed out of Donna’s passion for entrepreneurship and her commitment to supporting entrepreneurial leaders. AVT is a team of five based in the Los Angeles area, with plans to begin expansion into other parts of the country within the next year.

AVT is Donna’s second entrepreneurial venture. The first started 18 years ago when she was pregnant with her third child and the mother of two toddlers. Her current company started on the brink of the recession in 2009 against fierce competition. Donna is proof that with hard work, determination, and creative thinking, you can launch a successful business against the odds.

Donna came to Los Angeles from the Midwest for a visit during her freshman year of college and never left – working full-time while earning her business degree from Pepperdine University.  She would not recommend this route to her own kids, but has never regretted the decision.

This November, Donna and her musician/surfer husband, Mark, celebrate 24 years of marriage. Their love of the outdoors, nature and the Pacific Ocean has kept them in Malibu and the nearby rustic community of Malibu Lake where they have raised Isaac, Abigail, August and Graham ranging from the ages of 15 to 21. They are protected, daily, by their ferocious dogs, Murphy and Romeo.