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Kendall Fargo

Tech Executive & Investor

Kendall Fargo was previously the GM of Small Business Marketing Products at Intuit.  Kendall was responsible for the platform that QuickBooks users utilized to attract new local customers through the Internet. Kendall also established partnerships with Google, Yahoo and local directories. Kendall joined Intuit when they acquired his company, StepUp Commerce, Inc.

As the Founder and CEO of StepUp, Kendall ensured that StepUp evolved local shopping. StepUp was the Internet’s first local shopping service with over 5,000 individual SMB retailers as customers and over 30 million location-specific product pages viewable through search engines, media sites and shopping comparison sites.

Prior to founding StepUp, Kendall was the VP of Internet and Enterprise Business at Handspring, Inc. Kendall oversaw the company's e-commerce business and mobile Internet strategy. Kendall also oversaw many of the channel partnerships with Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T until Handspring was acquired by Palm.

Before Handspring, Kendall was the VP, of Corporate Operations at Beyond.com.  Beyond was the consumer Internet innovator of selling and downloading software for Microsoft, Netscape, Symantec and others. Beyond.com had an IPO in 1998.

Kendall was an original employee at CyberSource Corp. where he was GM of web sales and marketing. CyberSource was the pioneer in online payments. CyberSource’s transaction processing and fraud screen powered many of the early e-commerce websites. CyberSource had a successful IPO and then was acquired by Visa.


Tech Venture Experience: 

Intuit, Handspring, and Cyber Source Corp.