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Nick Oostervink

Visiting Scholar, Technology Management Program
Ph.D. Candidate, KIN Research Group, VU University Amsterdam

Nick Oostervink is a PhD Candidate at the KIN research group at the VU University in Amsterdam. He holds a master degree in Information & Knowledge Management (cum laude) from the VU. Before starting his PhD he followed the junior research program to become more knowledgeable in doing research. Nick is interested in the use of enterprise social media and other similar technologies that afford various types of interaction in organizations. Since these technologies are predominantly introduced in knowledge intensive organizations, his research focuses on the various ways in which these communication technologies facilitate and frustrate knowledge collaboration among professionals. To understand the underlying dynamics he utilizes the institutional logics perspective. Drawing both on Friedland & Alford's (1991) seminal work and Thornton et al.'s (2012) ideal types framework he uses a qualitative approach to understand how various logics inform professionals' knowledge collaboration.

You can view his profile here.