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Graduate Course Offerings

Course Title Units Course Req. Quarter Offered
Opportunities and Perspectives in Technology, Business, and Society 1 TMP 211 Fall, Winter, Spring
Business Strategy and Leadership Skills 4 TMP 240 GPMP Fall
Managing for Innovation 4 TMP 241 GPMP
Entrepreneurship 4 TMP 242 GPMP
Entrepreneurial Marketing 3 TMP 244 GPMP
New Venture Finance 3 TMP 246 GPMP Fall
Leadership of Teams and Talent 3 TMP 247
Managing Operations 3 TMP 250 Winter
Patents and Intellectual Property 3 TMP 251
Business Planning for New Ventures 4 TMP 252
Selling High-Tech Products 3 TMP 254
New Product Development 4 TMP 255 GPMP
Project Management 3 TMP 256
Environmental Sustainability as a Corporate Strategy 3 TMP 261
Market Research for Business 3 TMP 264
New Venture Seminar 3 TMP 268A
Creating a Market-tested Startup Business Model 4 TMP 269
Technology & Organizational Change TMP 275
Groups & Teams TMP 276
Ethnography 4 TMP 283
Special Topics in Business and Management 3 TMP 291
Entrepreneurial Marketing TMP 402 MTM Winter
Economics of Competition in High Tech Industries TMP 411 MTM
Strategy for Technology-Based Companies TMP 412 MTM Winter
Building Brands TMP 413 MTM Spring
Finance and Accounting for Technology Businesses TMP 421 MTM Fall
Data & Decision Making TMP 422 MTM Winter
Technology-Based Operations TMP 423 MTM Spring
Product and Market Validation TMP 431 MTM Fall
Project and Program Administration TMP 432 MTM Fall
Creating and Managing Human Capital TMP 441 MTM Fall
Building Strategic Partnerships TMP 443 MTM Spring
Business Communication TMP 452A MTM Fall
Business Communication TMP 452B MTM Winter
Business Communication TMP 452C MTM Spring
Business Models in Technology-Driven Industries 3 TMP 461 MTM Winter
Embedded Internship TMP 499 MTM Spring
Embedded Internship TMP 499 MTM Winter
Decision Analysis 3 TMP291DA Fall
Team Effectiveness 3 TMP291DS
Creating and Managing Human Capital 3 TMP291KL
Leading Change 3 TMP291LC
Organizing for Innovation 3 TMP291OI
Strategic Communication for Technology Managers 3 TMP291SC
Teams, Networks and Innovation 3 TMP291TN
Special Topics 3 TMP291TT