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Team Effectiveness


This course examines “team effectiveness” in two respects: how to aid/lead a team to be more effective in its performance, and how to be personally more effective as a team member.

In the first area, we treat research and best practices concerning how to set challenging but attainable goals, create a cohesive team, strengthen members’ desire for team success, enhance decision-making processes, facilitate communication among members, improve operations, develop cooperation and coordination with other teams, lead virtually distributed, culturally diverse teams, and foster creativity and innovativeness.

In the second area, we review research and foster skills that will help improve personal effectiveness in teams including influencing team members and advocating effectively for them, dealing effectively with others who have different/difficult styles, avoiding and handling defensiveness, strengthening interpersonal skills, mediating conflict, running meetings, and delivering presentations.

These topics will be relevant for new and established teams involving both technical and nontechnical members, including research teams, project groups, formal work units, standing and ad hoc committees, cross-functional and multidisciplinary teams, and management teams.