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Undergraduate Curriculum

TMP 34
Learn the art of persuasion and selling. Theory and applications of the basic tenets of persuasion and how such scientifically supported techniques can be deployed to positively impact the sales process.
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TMP 149
(Team interview required for admission) This course provides an experiential learning opportunity, showing how a successful business model can be created through the use of the customer and market validation process.  This course provides real world, hands-on learning on what it's like to start a high-tech company.  You will be talking to...
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TMP 122
Learn how to start any type of venture; for profit, non- profit, service, sole-proprietorship, with a focus on high- tech ventures. Analysis of new business opportunities, development of customer-centric value propositions, financing, marketing, selling, and protection of intellectual property.
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Provides students with the essential tools to understand and analyze financial information and financing strategies for new ventures. Major topics covered include the analyses of financial information, sources of financing, valuation models, and deal structures particular to new ventures. EXTENSION COURSE-CLICK HERE
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TMP 120
Introduction to critical business principles and practices required by leaders for business success and societal benefit. Students will be exposed to key management theories, models and tools in strategy, finance, accounting, commercialization, marketing, and sales.
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TMP 111
Lecture series where entrepreneurial, technological, business, and governmental leaders share their lessons of experience and discuss current business issues. For anyone interested in entrepreneurship, management, technology development, and commercialization and the impact that innovation has on society. (F, W, S)
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TMP 21
The historical and present state of entrepreneurship will be explored, along with the potential future direction of startups.  Students will be encouraged to start small ventures as a means of determining their proclivity for an entrepreneurial lifestyle.
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TMP 124
Introduction to basic marketing concepts and how these concepts can be applied to any organization, particularly technology firms. Additionally, students will be introduced to how management of the marketing function within an organization is critical to the organization’s success.
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TMP 127
Focuses on the important link between the business and talent strategy including talent value chain, recruitment/selection strategies for rewards/incentives, employee relations, leadership and team formation; conflict resolution, problem solving, and decision-making, importance of organization culture; culture diversity and global village.
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