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Research Areas

Technology Management Program (TMP) research studies have ranged from strategic management, knowledge management, and technology management to actual inventions of innovative technologies as diverse as high-speed and wireless electronic devices and antennas to optoelectronic devices for the next generation of optical networks.  TMP faculty have won numerous prestigious national and international awards for the impact of their research, and they have launched VC-funded firms and advised some of the world’s leading technology companies.

In the management area, faculty studying strategic management (including entrepreneurship, competitive advantage, and technology commercialization) have focused on the challenge of defining the critical factors driving business success within differing competitive situations. Other faculty have investigated the growing convergence of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR), a junction that is reshaping the role and responsibility of management and the board in CSR given its impact on both company and stakeholder value.

Managing Technology Leadership 

The Technology Management Program is dedicated to the research and development of business and innovation in an increasingly technology-based global economy.

TMP management faculty also have pursued the social and cognitive processes that influence the performance of workgroups, including their innovativeness, especially groups engaged in knowledge work such as consulting, product development, and projects in high technology and entrepreneurial settings.   The goal of this research is to understand how organizations create, preserve and utilize the knowledge that employees possess, both individually and collectively, in ways that are more (or less) effective as well as how to manage tensions that undermine creativity and innovation in workgroups.

Other TMP management faculty have examined the role of information technologies in organizational change, including how managers – especially in engineering and product design firms -- can design and implement organizational structures and deploy advanced information technologies to enhance the creation and sharing of knowledge.

In the area of technology, TMP faculty members also have developed award-wining technologies including high-power amplifiers and antenna arrays as well as optical switching, silicon photonics and integrated circuits.

Taken together, TMP investigations to date have offered contributions to managerial best practices, to team and organizational effectiveness, to energy efficiency, and to profitability.  Several TMP faculty have utilized the findings of their research to found firms, in active licensing agreements with prominent others, and as consultants to global technologies companies.

Ongoing and planned projects by TMP management faculty include studies of decision making practices of successful CEO’s, entrepreneurs and general managers in high velocity environments – start-ups, turnarounds, technology shifts.  Faculty members will be exploring how key decision makers can be “trained” or “developed” to increase their strategic capabilities.

Please see faculty pages for each faculty's research interests.

The Technology Management Program Faculty are involved with many campus centers, institutions, & initiatives.