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Graduate Certificate Requirements

For highly motivated graduate students across the UCSB campus seeking a structured and diploma-enhancing business education, the Technology Management Program offers a UC-wide recognized graduate certificate. 

Students are expected to complete 18 units. The progression of classes emphasizes first the business FOUNDATION needed in a business/entrepreneurial environment. Second, a student selects one of two emphases, entrepreneurial or corporate, focusing on the CONTEXT of her or his career expectations beyond college. Finally, the GPMP requires a meaninful experience putting these ideas into PRACTICE, where students choose one of the following: an Internship or participation in the New Venture Competition.



TMP 240 Business Strategy & Leadership (4 units)
TMP 241 Managing Innovation (4 units)
TMP 244 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3 units)
TMP 246 New Venture Finance (3 units)

Context (Entrepreneurial or Corporate Emphasis)

TMP 242 Entrepreneurship (4 units) OR TMP 255 New Product Development (4 units)

Practice (upon completion of above)

Internship (160 hours in a management role) OR New Venture Competition

How to Apply For GPMP

  1. Download and submit the GPMP enrollment formto TMP office, Phelps 1332.
  2. Complete the Graduate Student Petition form - "Add" Graduate Program in Management Practice
  3. Obtain signatures from your department's graduate advisor (not your personal advisor) or chair and also from the GPMP Director at the TMP Office, Phelps 1332.
  4. Take the completed petition form and pay filing fee receipt to the Graduate Division office and keep a copy for your records.