Message from the Director

I talk to tech executives regularly in my role as the director of our Master of Technology Management (MTM) at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). They share a consistent message: Finding engineering talent is easy. It's difficult to find people who have both the technical and managerial skills to run product development teams, divisions, and companies.

At UCSB MTM, our goal is to transform you into a tech leader. Here's a sample of what we have to offer you:

Your Education: We admit applicants like you who have a strong interest in pursuing a career in the tech industry. Unlike other graduate programs, we're proud of your technical interests. We see your technical interests as a feature, not a bug. We use your technical interests as a foundation upon which to teach you in only 9 months how to manage and lead product development teams, divisions, and companies. We also teach you how to start and run successful tech companies.

Your Cohort: As an MTM student, you and your classmates are part of a full-time, on-campus program. You take the same courses concurrently and in the same progression. This cohort model cultivates shared learning and strong camaraderie. As a result, you build friendships and partnerships that last a lifetime.

Our Faculty: Our faculty have founded, led, researched, and consulted with tech companies, large and small. Unlike other professional programs, our faculty is dedicated full-time to teaching, research, and career mentorship. Our office hours, extracurricular activities, and even hallway conversations are centered on you.

Our Staff: Our staff works full-time to help you build a large network of mentors and potential employers. We help you assess your aptitudes. We help you envision multiple career pathways. We connect you with the tech executives who hold the keys to your dream job.

Don't want to have to choose between a technical career and a managerial one? Then MTM is right for you. Contact us today via email and request more info.


Paul Leonardi
Investment Group of Santa Barbara Founding Director,
Master of Technology Management Program
Duca Family Professor of Technology Management

Paul Leonardi
Director, Master of Technology Management Program