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Message from the Director

I talk to lots of leaders from tech companies (and many people who invest in them) in my role as the director of our Master of Technology Management program. They share a consistent message: It’s easy to find good engineering talent to work on projects, but hard to find well-qualified people to manage product development teams, divisions, and companies.

In UC Santa Barbara’s Master of Technology Management (MTM) program, our goal is to train leaders who can build, run, and change technology-based businesses. Here’s what our MTM program can offer you:

Your Education: The program prepares students well for this role because we admit only those applicants with strong technical backgrounds and we use those technical backgrounds and experience as a foundation upon which to build management and leadership skill. Unlike many other graduate programs in management, we are proud of your technical background; we see it is a feature, not a bug.

Your Cohort: While on campus, our Master's students take every course together as a single cohort, a model that cultivates shared learning experiences and strong camaraderie. You’ll build friendships and collegial partnerships at UC Santa Barbara that will last throughout your career.

Faculty Engagement: Our faculty have invested in, founded, led, and consulted in tech ventures - both large and small. This technology-focused background allows us to speak directly to issues that students face in their jobs. Plus, unlike most similar programs at other institutions, our core faculty are dedicated full-time to teaching, research and career mentoring in support of the MTM cohort and curriculum. That means office hours, extracurricular activities, even hallway conversations will be centered on you and your classmates.

Staff Support: At UC Santa Barbara, not only will you enjoy a program tailored specifically to your professional context, you’ll also have staff members working full-time to help you build a large network with mentors and potential employers within your specific field of interest. We’ll help you assess your aptitudes and interests, envision potential career pathways, and connect with the companies and individuals who hold the keys to those opportunities.

If you’re an early career engineer or scientists who doesn’t like the idea of having to choose between a technical career and a career as a general manager, the MTM program is the right choice for you. Connect with our team today request for more information.

You can run a successful company while sticking to your tech roots. We’ll help you get there faster.


Paul Leonardi
Investment Group of Santa Barbara Founding Director,
Master of Technology Management Program
Duca Family Professor of Technology Management

Paul Leonardi
Director, Master of Technology Management Program