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Your Learning Experience

Our students develop the skills they need to thrive as tech leaders, aligning the learning goals of every course with those needs.

You will learn to build and cultivate management teams, budget and resource innovative projects, assess market demand for new products, and make strategic decisions in the midst of uncertainty. You will cultivate the intangible human factors like communication, empathy, and influence that make for great leadership.

All students in the MTM program will participate in the field project and leadership practicuum. This invaluable experience will enhance communication and collaborative skills, improve operational performance, and instill the confidence needed for effective leadership during periods of change.

A Focus on Tech Leadership

Leadership skills are taught through our Leading Technology Teams course, as well as the Field Project and Leadership Practicum. During the final two quarters of the program, you will conduct a field practicum. Our students learn interpersonal communication skills that are key to creating and leading effective teams.

Our Core Strength

Our core curriculum allows you to develop a solid business foundation in only 9-month tp prepare you to lead and manage technical teams. Students must complete a total of 42 units, including a field project. For a complete list of MTM course descriptions, click here.

Managing The Market
Managing The Organization
Managing The People
Managing The Process
Managing Your Learning