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Career Opportunities


Today’s world of work is rapidly changing thus driving companies' interests toward those who can work across disciplinary and geographic boundaries. MTM provides those with STEM or non-technical backgrounds with the skills needed to become effective leaders of people, processes, and products in technology-driven companies.

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David Telleen-Lawton, MTM Career Development Manager

David Telleen-Lawton, MTM Career Development Manager

At UC Santa Barbara's Master of Technology Management Program, we have a dedicated Career Development Manager that works full-time to help you build a national network with mentors and potential employers within your specific field of interest. We’ll also help you assess your aptitudes and interests, envision potential career pathways, and connect you to the companies and individuals who hold the keys to those opportunities.

David Telleen-Lawton works directly with Master of Technology Management (MTM) students to help find their ideal work situation after graduation.  He develops and maintains relationships with California and national companies that are interested in hiring leaders with the qualifications, education, and experience the MTM degree represents.  He connects students with key executives and works with them to present their talent and experiences in a manner that highlights their drive and distinction.

Workshops to Build Awareness and Skills

Starting before classes begin on campus, MTM provides multiple curricular and extra-curricular activities specifically designed to maximize your effectiveness and attractiveness in interviews and on the job.  These range from understanding cross cultural differences, interviewing skills, career discernment process, salary negotiation skills, and product management insights.  By learning these fundamental principles and gaining insights from others already having the responsibilities in the companies in which you want to work, our MTM graduates are able to be agile and nimble when new challenges arise — including securing your next position after MTM.

Specific Career Opportunities

Beyond MTM’s unique, concierge-level career development with a dedicated career development staff member, you have access to the UC Santa Barbara Career Services center and all of their services.  This includes workshops on skills to present yourself in the best light, Job Fairs, company recruiting events on campus, company research library, and career counselors especially focused on graduate students.  Several times each month, MTM speakers inside and outside the classroom allow you to meet and connect with senior executives to potential form life-long collegial relationships.

Finding Your Ideal Job 

It Starts With a Plan - From the moment you receive your letter of acceptance into the MTM program -- well before you step on campus – a full-time career development specialist will be working with you to create your winning career strategy.  Designed to identify the skills and techniques for you to master while here, this plan will inform what companies you will meet while in the program in order to land your ideal position when you graduate.

You & Your Ideal Job is Our Success

By graduation, each of our graduates is a raving fan of the support, encouragement, interview preparation, and introductions they receive from MTM faculty and staff that lead to their ideal jobs.  That IS our measure of success.  We’re focused on partnering with you to get your ideal job placement.  You’ll be in control because you will have learned the business, communications, management, and interpersonal skills to lead and to deliberately pursue your career path.

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