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Job Statistics

From the moment you join the Master of Technology Management program, you will be developing life-long connections and accessing our powerful networks within the professional community. Our MTM graduates re-enter the professional world transformed by their classmates and experiences, backed up by the support of the faculty, staff, and Central Coast and greater California business community.

No Fluff, No Filler.

There is an insatiable need for engineers and scientists with the business acumen, management skills, and leadership capacity to recognize intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial opportunities and then galvanize teams of engineers and scientists to realize them. As an MTM graduate, you fill that void.

Job Positions Titles

Alumni have received offers from a diverse range of companies. Click on our Job Placement for more info.

Associate Design Engineer

Associate Product Manager

Business Analyst

Business Development Manager

Customer Success Engineer

Manufacturability Designer

Environmental Analyst

Experience Analyst

Maintenance Engineer

Market Analyst

Marketing Data Analyst

Marketing Manager

Operations Accounting Analyst

Product Manager

Project Manager

School Placement Director


Senior Process Engineer

Senior Project Manager

Senior Systems Engineer

Special Projects Manager

Study Plan Product Manager

Technical Marketing Manager

Technical Project Manager

User Experience Analyst

Value-Added Services Specialist

Workplace Analyst