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Creating and Managing Human Capital

TMP 441

This is an introductory-level course that seeks to develop business leaders who understand human resources practices essential to firm performance. The course is relevant for entrepreneurs who are building successful organizations and aspiring leaders in existing enterprises. In this course, you will examine how to structure and adjust an organization’s basic human capital levers to achieve superior results. You will learn about how organizations link organizational requirements, corporate strategy, and human capital systems with specific business objective; talent management processes, including how companies hire, socialize, appraise, reward, and retain talent; the practices and analytical frameworks that help managers leverage human capital; the factors that affect your success as a developing business leader.

In this course, you will exercise your critical thinking skills by analyzing how managers and organizations apply human capital strategies in practice. It will develop your skills in problem solving, creative thinking, and written and oral communication and will broaden your perspective about the role of managers in determining organizational success.