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New Venture Finals

Six teams presented at the 2017 New Venture Finals on May 24th at UCSB Corwin Pavilion. The New Venture Finals is the highlight of the Technology Management Program’s New Venture Competition, an eight-month educational experience and business competition in which student teams compete to develop innovative start-up business plans. Read more about the team finalists: Collatera, CRYPTIX, Delta Leaf Labs, OrganicMatters, PhantaField, and Wanderlease.

Winners of the 2017 New Venture Competition Finals

Grand Prize ($10,000): CRYPTIX
2nd Place ($7,500): Delta Leaf Labs
3rd Place ($5,000): Wanderlease
Elings CNSI Award ($5,000): Delta Leaf Labs
CNSI People’s Choice Award ($5,000): Collatera
Honorable Mention ($2,500): Collatera
Honorable Mention ($2,500): PhantaField
Honorable Mention ($2,500): OrganicMatters

Logo                                                  Team NameTeam MembersDescription

Michael Evans (Chemistry); Kevin Peng (Biomolecular Science and Engineering); Paul Ostrick (Economics); Vinu Krishnan (Chemical Engineering); Vince Kuppamala (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/ Technology Management)

Collatera’s aim is to avoid diabetes-related amputation at all costs with the prevention and early treatment of diabetic ulcers, by using their proprietary light activated small molecule, NL-1.

Nick Martitsch (Economics); Brayden Curry (Economics); Sajan Sanghvi (USC)

CRYPTIX is a next generation ticketing platform that uses blockchain technology to eliminate scalpers, ticket fraud, and inflated ticket prices.
Delta Leaf Labs

Elijah Spina (Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology); Felipe Infante (Global Studies); Edgar Rodriguez (Political Science)

Delta Leaf Labs is developing THC free-cannabis strains that have been medically shown to treat many mental and physical illnesses. By growing and marketing THC-free cannabis, the company will create alternative treatment options to toxic and addictive medications.

Jacob Levine (Environmental Science and Management); Lauren Catlin (Environmental Science and Management); Greg Maier (Chemistry)

OrganicMatters manufactures certified organic fertilizer out of poultry waste from the egg industry. Our mission is to provide certified organic crop farmers with food-safe, nutrient-rich, affordable fertilizers that mitigate human, animal and environmental health problems associated with conventional poultry manure management strategies.

Xuejun Xie (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Edixon Puglisi (Global Studies); Dylan Rodriguez (Physics)

PhantaField is crafting light field augmented reality glasses that enable 100-degree field of view and crystal clear image with a patented see-through display design. The display can seamlessly integrate with regular glass frames, that are comfortable to wear all day long.

Shikha Sharma (Political Science); Arthur Pan (Economics and Computer Science); Rey Tang (Computer Science); Daniel Lim (Economics & Accounting); Saliq Hussaini (Economics & Accounting); Henry Yu (Computer Science)

Wanderlease is a web-based application designed to streamline the process of subleasing.