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New Venture Finals

Six teams will present at the 2018 New Venture Finals on May 24th at UCSB Corwin Pavilion. The New Venture Finals is the highlight of the Technology Management Program’s New Venture Competition, an eight-month educational experience and business competition in which student teams compete to develop innovative start-up business plans. Read more about the team finalists: Adomi, MoreSolar, Okra systems,Snip, Soilight, and Veneta.


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Vahan Ghazaran(Econ Accounting), Saliq Hussaini (Economics), Ayah Hafez (Sociology), Ryan Kim (Econ Accounting), Andrey Boganov (Econ Accounting), Tomi Kapoor (Economics/Accounting)

Adomi seeks to make Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) a scalable solution to the housing shortage in California. Partnered with esteemed investors, we offer homeowners the opportunity to convert the underutilized space on their property into monthly rental income at no out-of-pocket cost.


Andrea Anez (Bioengineering), Atal Ashutosh (Masters in Technology Management), Pete Makrygiannis (Electrical Engineering), Colette King (Masters in Technology Management)

MoreSolarTM utilizes wind power as a novel method for cleaning photovoltaic (PV) units, commonly known as solar panels, that are experiencing a loss in energy output due to the effects of soiling.


Okra Systems

Andrés Cabrera (Principal Development Engineer, UCSB), Joseph Tilbian (PhD Candidate, Media Arts and Technolgy)

Okra Systems provides a software tool for engineers that reduces the time and effort associated with selecting and qualifying microcontrollers, and eases firmware development, profiling, and optimization.


Shiv Kodak (Masters in Technology Management), Joe Fajnor (Art Practice, UC Berkeley), Evan Doyle (Computer Science, UCSD)

Share what matters. Snip is a social media platform that transforms the podcast listening experience by enabling listeners to instantly share user-cut 1-3 minute intervals of any podcast. A community around curating and delivering the key intervals of a podcast to save you time. 


Gillian Nguyen (Ecology), Jerald Hansen (Chemistry), Himangshu Chowdhury (Electrical Engineering), Edwin Hihn (Biological Sciences), Jerimiah Tan (Global Studies), Ryan Cheng (Psychology), Elain Lasquety (Global Studies)

Soilight is a soil-based enabling technology that harnesses Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) to create a consistent source of energy for an array of low-powered applications.

Veneta Logo.pngVeneta

Leah Foltz (Doctoral student in the Biomolecular Science and Engineering Program), Jerome Santos (Masters student in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology), Will Summers (Doctoral student in Materials Science)

Veneta is a web and mobile-based software service that uses image and optical character recognition of invoices and labels to streamline inventory management for life science, medical, and chemical research labs.