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New Venture Finals

Six teams will present at the 2019 New Venture Finals on May 29th at UCSB Corwin Pavilion. The New Venture Finals is the highlight of the Technology Management Program’s New Venture Competition, an eight-month educational experience and business competition in which student teams compete to develop innovative start-up business plans. Read more about the team finalists: Allthenticate, EnterVIEW, Guinea Gig, Microprint, Selva, and The Hurd Co. 


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Chad Spensky (Ph.D. Computer Science (Security), Evan Blasband (M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering), Ryan Barnes (Ph.D. Chemistry), Rita Mounir,  and Jake Tear (B.S. Psychology and Brain Science)

Allthenticate offers an easy-to-use mobile-based authentication technology to secure businesses’ physical and digital worlds, which is all managed in a cloud-based service.


Gulnoza Bobokalanova (Mathmatical Sciences), Mana Sanavi (Financial Math and Statistics), Michelle Rosen (Biological Sciences), Ruben Dermoyan (Economics), and Timothy Jou (Financial Math and Statistics)

EnterVIEW is a software-driven platform whose goal is to simplify and improve the way candidates look for and apply for jobs, as well as the way companies hire them.

Guinea Gig

Alex Firestone (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Cole Parker (Political Science), Gavin Chan (Film and Media Studies), Jeffery Akuamoah-Boateng (Economics), and Mark Candore (Computer Engineering)

Guinea Gig is a mobile application and web service that consolidates research studies on university campuses into one centralized platform; to simplify recruiting of study participants, facilitate payment processing, and provide administrative control. 


Jordan Smith (Ph.D Materials Department), Matthew Wong (Ph. D Materials Department), Randall DuBois (Economics), and Ryan Ley (Ph. D Chemical Engineering)

MicroPrint has developed a highly innovative printing process which will soon enable every device you own to be powered by Micro LEDs - the future of display technology.


Diana Juarez (Economics and Accounting), Julia Feldman (Environmental Studies), Kelsey Shetler (Economics and Accounting), Miles Vinikow (Masters of Technology Management), Jasmine Vazin (MA Environmental Science and Management), and Natalie Jordan (Masters of Technology Management)

Selva provides an on-line marketplace that connects textile mills with apparel companies to facilitate the sale and usage of deadstock (excess) fabric. Trillions of yards of deadstock are produced each year, most of which sits idle or gets destroyed. With Selva, textile mills can monetize their deadstock and designers can obtain a wider variety of fabrics at lower cost and with greater ease.

The Hurd Co.

Celine Mol (Eco-Entrepreneurship Fellow, Bren School) David Mun (Eco-Entrepreneurship Fellow, Bren School) and Taylor Heisley-Cook (Eco-Entrepreneurship Fellow, Bren School).

The Hurd Co is developing a more sustainable pulp feedstock for man-made cellulosic textile production from cannabis waste to help apparel brands reduce the environmental & social impacts of their supply chains.