Professor Barley Gives a Talk at McGill University

Confessions of a Mad Ethnographer: Professor Barley Gives Talk at McGill University

Professor Stephen R. Barley gave a talk in the Laurent Picard Distinguished Lecture series at McGill University on September 23. His talk was titled, “Confessions of a Mad Ethnographer.”

The following abstract describes his lecture: In this talk I reflect on how the publishing of ethnography has changed drawing on my own experience, the experience of colleagues, and as a reviewer.  My argument is that as ethnography has grown more widespread, as genre constraints have developed, as epistemologies of qualitative research have proliferated and as expectations for theoretical frames have solidified, ethnographers may have become their own worst enemies.
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Professor Stephen R. Barley is the Christian A. Felipe Chair of Technology Management at the College of Engineering at the University of California Santa Barbara. Barley’s research interests include the impact of new technologies on work and organizations and the effects of corporate power on the Federal Government. Read more about the faculty.