TMP Lecture Series Brings Leading Business Scholars to Campus

Technology-based entrepreneurship can be as novel and exciting as the advanced and innovative products and services that spawn them. So, too, are the ideas and questions around how to do business in the rapidly evolving world of technology. How does one build a real organization in a world of virtual commerce? What practices and principles born of the brick-and-mortar days of business still hold true for the modern, global workforce? How can tech entrepreneurs cultivate a corporate culture in the days of constant — and expected — turnover?

These and many other important business questions get their due treatment in an ongoing lecture series presented by UC Santa Barbara’s Technology Management Program (TMP). Sponsored by the UCSB College of Engineering, the Dean’s Research Lecture Series brings together the insight of technology management and organization studies experts from around the country and signals TMP’s own growth and evolution.

“We’ve moved into a new generation of TMP,” said Paul Leonardi, the Duca Family Professor of Technology Management. From its early days mentoring enterprising undergraduate students, TMP has grown from a popular business plan competition and certificate program into a full-fledged master’s program with a roster of distinguished faculty, many of them successful business leaders in their own rights. Now with a recently approved Ph.D. track, Leonardi said, it’s important for TMP to expand beyond teaching the important skills of starting up and managing a tech company to producing original research that changes the way tech companies operate.

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By Sonia Fernandez, The UCSB Current, Staff Writer