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How the LIDAR-on-a-Chip Technology GM Just Bought Probably Works

Strobe, a lidar startup that could give the giant automaker a leg up in the race to make self-driving cars a mainstream technology. Kyle Vogt, founder of the self-driving car startup Cruise (which GM acquired last year), announced the acquisition in a Monday blog post.

Lidar—short for light radar—is widely seen as a key sensor technology for self-driving cars. By sending out laser pulses and measuring how long it takes for them to bounce back, lidar builds a detailed 3-D map of a car's surroundings.

Local Philanthropist’s Gift to IEE Graduate Research Fellowships

George Holbrook, local resident, venture investor and philanthropist, has pledged a $4 million to fund continued support of the Holbrook Foundation Fellowships he created in 2011.

Holbrook found an ideal outlet for his charitable giving in UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE), which is run by Director John Bowers, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and faculty member of the Technology Management Program (TMP).

U.S. News & World Report Ranks UCSB Top Ten Again

In its 2018 listing of the “Top 30 Public National Universities” in the country, U.S. News & World Report has ranked UC Santa Barbara No. 8.  Among the “Best National Universities” ranking, which includes both public and private institutions, UCSB placed No. 37.

UCSB’s College of Engineering ranked No. 20 among public universities on the U.S. News & World Report list of “Best Programs at Engineering Schools Whose Highest Degree is a Doctorate.” 

Scientists Awarded $9M from NSF to Develop Optical Brain Imaging

A multidisciplinary team of researchers, including UC Santa Barbara scientists John Bowers, Michael Goard and Luke Theogarajan, has been awarded $9 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop and widely share state-of-the-art optical brain-imaging techniques.

The group of neuroscientists, electrical engineers, molecular biologists, neurologists, bioengineers and physicists was recognized for its collaborative NEMONIC (NExt generation MultiphOton NeuroImaging Consortium) project, which pushes the boundaries of brain imaging.

NVC Alum EVMatch Connects Electric Vehicle Drivers with Charging Stations

A company started by two Santa Barbara-area women that matches up electric vehicle drivers with charging stations now has registered users throughout Southern California.

EVMatch was started by Heather Hochrein, its CEO, and co-founder Shannon Walker, and it was originally a master’s thesis project for the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara. They were participants of the Technology Management Program’s 2016 annual New Venture Competition and won third place for their business plan EVMatch.

NVC Alum TrackR Secures a $50M in Series B Funding

One of the business plans that spun out of the Technology Management Program's 2009 Annual New Venture Competition, TrackR, recently secured a $50M Series B round funding. Among the participating investors were the Foundry Group, Amazon Alexa Fund, DoCoMo Capital, The Glenmede Trust and Bespoke Strategies. Founded in 2009, the company creates small wireless tracking gadgets that track where things are via mobile devices and remote servers.

Amazon Invests in NVC Alum TrackR

Can’t find your phone? Ask Alexa! Amazon has developed an Amazon Alexa skill that allows people to ask Alexa where their phone is and get a location.

Amazon has invested an undisclosed amount in a Californian startup that helps you track your personal belongings via an app and a bluetooth-enabled device. The ecommerce giant backed Santa Barbara-headquartered TrackR in a $50 million (£38 million) Series B funding round announced on Wednesday through its "Amazon Alexa Fund," which it has used to invest in TrackR previously.