NVC 2014 Finalists Announced

Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 New Venture Competition
Finalist Teams Announced

These six teams will compete in the 2014 New Venture Competition on Thursday, May 22, 2014.



Tech Push:

Cayuga Biotech
Tracy Chuong, Debbie Gee & Damien Kudela

Cayuga Biotech is a startup company developing a commercially viable nanotherapeutic drug to treat both internal and external hemorrhage. We envision our product as a universal hemostat able to generate clots in all bleeding cases – compressible, non-compressible and internal injuries.


Fluency Lighting Technologies
Kristin Denault, Jared Hulme & Daniel Moncayo 

Our startup is based on a technology developed at UCSB that employs a new approach to general illumination. We use an alternative light source to generate white light – a laser diode. Energy efficient and environmentally benign like LEDs, laser diodes can expand the future applications of lighting, offering flexible design strategies, efficient high power light sources, and low cost maintenance.


Dayton Horvath, Andrew Irish & Jason Isaacs 

Shadowmaps has developed a business-to-business cloud-based software as a service solution that supplements GPS in urban environments. Our patented algorithms and custom 3D maps have already been field tested, showing a 10x reduction of GPS error to 10 feet.

Market Pull:

Bottle Branders

Max Lowenberg, Max Ludington & Harish Prather

We are working to make the beer growler a better product for small breweries. We have developed products that help small breweries distribute their beer with better advertising and improved quality.


Eric Goodman, Brian Morton & Chase Racich

Echo is a smartphone and web application that allows customers to order and pay within a restaurant over Bluetooth. Currently, restaurants are technologically underserved. With modern technology customers expect to have the ability to view menus, order, and pay with the touch of a finger. We plan to become a middle-man in the restaurant to consumer interaction by introducing new methods of ordering food.


Salty Girl Seafood
Gina Auriemma, Norah Eddy, Laura Johnson &  Andreas Viggen

 We are a sustainable seafood distribution company. We source seafood products directly from fishermen and ship them direct to chefs. We are able to provide a fresh, quality, sustainable seafood product to our customers.