TMP Spin-Out: Lettuce Apps is acquired by Intuit for $30 Million

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lettuce Apps is acquired by Intuit for $30 Million

The Lettuce Apps team has its roots in the Technology Management Program at UC Santa Barbara. The founders, Raad Mobrem (Mechanical Engineering, 2009) and Frank Jones (Computer Science, 2008), initially came together in John Greathouse's course on Entrepreneurship (TMP122). The team originally came up with an idea they called Dura-Doggie (Durable Ideas), a company that began by producing toys for dogs. While the team chose to leave the Dura-Doggie brand behind, they did find success with the software they developed for their inventory management system, Lettuce

The company describes themselves as "the simple online inventory and order management system for people like you. People who want to get rid of the repetitive data entry, and instead focus on growing their business."

Chase McElroy, Director of Operations, at Lettuce Apps Says; "Without the TMP program Lettuce most likely would have never been created." 

The Technology Mangememt Program congratulates the Lettuce team on their success!