Olli Kupiainen

Kupiainen, Olli

Visiting Scholar

Olli is a doctoral candidate in Aalto University, Finland. Currently he is a Visiting Scholar in the Technology Management Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He will be sharing his time with the department of Communication. His research focus is on Enterprise Social Media (ESM), employees’ discussions on the platform, and how enterprise social media can be used for management practices.

He has received his Licentiate of Science (Technology) from Aalto University, Finland, in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (Work Psychology and Leadership). In his licentiate studies, he was part of the research team that explored the largest public sector organizational merger in Finland, and how employees experienced large-scale changes. Prior to his post-graduate studies, he has received his MSc in Social and Organizational Psychology Degree from Exeter University, UK, and BSc in Psychology Degree from Bristol University, UK. He also has finished his teacher training in University of Helsinki, Finland, Faculty of Educational Sciences.