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Undergraduate Certificate Requirements

Technology Management Certificate

(Effective Fall 2014)

The Technology Management Certificate program consist of 16-18 required units. The required courses are a combination of UC Santa Barbara courses and UC Extension courses. The program may be completed in as few as three (3) quarters; however, it may be more realistic to spread the coursework over two (2) academic years. 



Required TMP Courses (6 units)

TMP 111 Lecture Series - 2 units (1 unit/quarter, 2 quarters required)
TMP 120 Business Strategy & Leadership - 4 units

Choose any 2 TMP Courses (6-8 units)

TMP 122 Entrepreneurship - 4 units
TMP 134 Selling High-Tech Products - 3 units
TMP 144 Market Research for Business - 4 units
TMP 149 Creating a Market-Tested Business Model - 4 units

Choose any 2 Extension Courses (4 units)

TMP X130A Entrepreneurial Marketing - 2 units
TMP X130B Accounting & Finance for Small Business - 2 units
TMP X130C Leadership of Teams and Talent - 2 units

Certificate prerequisites:

Upper division standing; Writing 2, 2E, 2LK, or equivalent, with a minimum grade of B-; any upper division Writing course, with a minimum grade of B-

Course Credit

Courses offered for the certificate are a combination of approved Technology Management undergraduate courses and approved UC Santa Barbara Extension courses (X130 series). Coursework and grades will be reported on two separate and independent transcripts. One from UC Santa Barbara and another one from UCSB Extension. In order to receive certificate credit for the courses taken, students must earn a B average or better in the required courses, with no grades for any courses below a C letter grade.

Extension Course Transfer Credit

Courses taken through UCSB Extension will not count as units towards being a full time student for the quarter.  If you would like to have the units for your Extension courses counted towards graduation, you must file a petition with your College (Engineering, Letters & Science, or Creative Studies) prior to enrollment in any Extension course.

Applying for Candidacy

Students in the Technology Management Certificate Program enroll through UC Santa Barbara Extension.

Program Cost

$150 Certificate candidacy fee
Course fee: $275 per unit for Extension courses only 


To enroll in the certificate program, click here.

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