Master of Technology Management

Master of Technology Management

Why study Technology Management? Over the last several decades, new technologies have repeatedly revolutionized the way companies make decisions, run their businesses, and innovate. These technologies offer new and unexpected ways to develop and deliver products and services, and manage businesses, and there is little indication that the flow of new technologies is abating. But seizing the opportunities that arise from today’s rapid pace of technological change can be a daunting challenge for even the most experienced professionals. Those early in their careers can find it particularly challenging as they prepare for leadership roles on projects, products, and teams in technology-driven companies. UC Santa Barbara's Master of Technology Management offers motivated early-to-mid-career professionals the essential technology skills, business acumen, and entrepreneurial mindset to accelerate their careers and expand leadership opportunities within technology-driven firms. 


The Master of Technology Management is an immersive, one-year program located in beautiful Santa Barbara. At the core of Technology Management are the key ideas that leaders must assimilate into their business practices in order to adequately adapt to change, continuously innovate, and drive competitive advantage. These factors serve as the foundation for the Master of Technology Management curriculum.

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The MTM Career Services team works one-on-one with students to guide them throughout their academic and career journey. After graduation, many students go on to work within the thriving Santa Barbara technology sector, and others secure jobs throughout California and beyond at companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google. Over 80% of graduates have offers within 6 months of graduation. Many MTM graduates enter project and product management roles after graduation; others accept job offers in marketing, business development, customer success, analytics, and consulting. 

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The Master of Technology Management is designed for motivated, early- to mid-career professionals. MTM's diverse cohorts of 45-55 students are reflective of today’s multidisciplinary business teams. Whether you have a background in STEM or the social sciences, MTM can help you advance your career leading projects, products, and teams within technology-driven firms.

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The MTM program is competitively priced, especially among public universities, and our graduates see a high return on investment in this nine-month program. There are multiple ways to finance your graduate degree, including merit-based scholarships from the Technology Management Department, opportunities to work as teaching assistants at UCSB, U.S. Federal Government Student Aid, International Student Funding, and other financial resources.

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Meet Supriya, MTM 2024

Learn about why Supriya chose to join the MTM graduate program after working in software development. Get a glimpse into her experience with MTM faculty, solving a real-world business challenge in her field project, and living in beautiful Santa Barbara.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Master of Technology Management

Technology Management is a multidisciplinary field that examines the opportunities and challenges of technological innovation, industry disruption, and technology-driven organizational change, and their influence on business performance and competitive advantage. It focuses on understanding how technology affects individuals, organizations, and society and the challenges and opportunities this creates for businesses. It also focuses on best practices for dealing with and capitalizing on technological change.

Technology is fundamentally changing the way that teams and businesses operate and innovate. The tech sector—and the number of firms that are becoming technology driven despite not being in what we usually call the tech sector—will continue to grow and offer exciting and rewarding career opportunities. The MTM program gives motivated early-to-mid-career professionals the essential business knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset to accelerate their careers and take on leadership roles in technology and innovation-driven firms.

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The MTM program is a STEM-designated degree offered by the Department of Technology Management, which is housed within the world-renowned College of Engineering at UCSB. MTM does not require a STEM background and provides those with backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences the skills and confidence to pursue careers in tech-driven firms.

Meet Jessica and Natalie, who used their MTM degree to pivot into successful careers in leading tech companies.

The MTM program is eligible for a 12-month optional practical training (OPT) after graduation based on your student visa. Additionally, the MTM program is eligible for a 24-month STEM OPT extension after that. You can learn more about the OPT extension here


We are looking for applicants with a keen interest in the application of technology in a business environment. You should be interested in things such as how to apply data analytics in decision making, how to work with intelligent machines to solve challenging problems, how to organize and manage technology teams in the challenging environment of a technology-driven firm, and how to apply an entrepreneurial mindset to identify and capitalize on the business opportunities new technologies create. 

We are not looking for a specific educational background, as we know that studying technology management is compatible with many different backgrounds. You might have a background in the humanities or social sciences and want to gain the skills and confidence to launch a career in tech. Or you might have an engineering or science background and want to move from technical to leadership roles. What is important is that you want to drive change and propel innovation in technology-driven firms.

The MTM Admissions process is holistic. We look at all factors in your application, including academic credentials and achievements, professional work experience, and personal experiences, to help us build a diverse cohort and enriching experience for our students. Be sure to utilize all aspects of your application to tell us why you are well suited for the program and how you will contribute to your own, as well as the cohort’s, success. The Admissions Committee is looking for leadership skills, tenacity, integrity, and grit. Explain how your life, academics, and work experiences will enrich the MTM graduate program, as well as the UCSB community at large. If you want to study in paradise, make a nine-month, high impact investment in your career, and be a tech leader, the Master of Technology Management is for you! Read our student profiles here.

81% of our students have jobs within 6 months after graduation. The most common roles for MTM graduates are in product and project management. Other MTM graduates accept job offers in marketing, business development, customer success, operations, product development and engineering, analytics, and consulting. Learn more about career outcomes here

UCSB's Graduate Division will begin accepting applications in September 2024 for Fall 2025. Be the first to know when applications open! Join our waitlist now and stay updated with the latest application information, events, and tips.

For specific admissions questions, please reach out to our Admissions Team at Click here to show mail address

December 1, 2024 (Priority Fellowship Consideration)

February 1, 2025 (Final Fellowship Consideration)

March 1, 2025 (Final Deadline)

All applications are due by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on the day of the deadline.

We strongly encourage applicants to apply early. We recommend that international applicants apply by December 1, 2024 to allow sufficient time for visa requirement processing if admitted.