Learn from our Elite Teaching Team: The Master of Technology Management program offers a 9-month curriculum led by our esteemed faculty who bring professional experiences into the classroom.

Collaborate with the Cohort: Work with bright and driven individuals on group projects, such as the MTM Field Projects, during the 9-month intensive program.


Our Students Go Further, Faster: Graduate with UCSB’s Masters of Technology Management degree and catapult yourself into leadership positions at tech companies.


Master of Technology Management

What is MTM?

The Master of Technology Management (MTM) program prepares early career engineers and scientists to be leaders in technology ventures — within both startups and established companies.

This 9-month intensive program is designed to teach the frameworks, skills, and techniques you need to be a successful technology manager. No fluff, no filler.

Students focus on the challenges that are regularly encountered by managers and business leaders and the practices they employ as they work to build technology-based products and services that match (or create) market needs.

What Will I Learn in MTM?

In the MTM program, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize opportunities for a new product
  • Determine what your company needs to go after it
  • Secure the resources to develop it
  • Manage the people and processes to implement and deliver it

We’ve designed a focused curriculum based on extensive feedback from leaders of successful technology ventures that will teach you the skills to do all of this. Check out those skills here

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