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About the Program

The Master of Technology Management (MTM) program is a 9-month intensive curriculum that prepares early career engineers and scientists to be leaders in technology ventures — within both startups and established companies. All students complete a total of 42 units, including core management courses and a field project. This program prepares students with the frameworks, skills, and techniques you need to be a successful technology manager.

What Will I Learn?

We’ve designed a focused curriculum based on extensive feedback from leaders of successful technology ventures that will teach you the skills to do all of this. In the MTM program, you will learn how to recognize the opportunity for a new product, determine what your company needs to go after it, secure the resources to develop it, and manage the people and processes to implement and deliver it

Challenge Yourself!

Students focus on the challenges that are regularly encountered by managers and business leaders and the practices they employ as they work to build technology-based products and services that match or create market needs.

Why MTM?

The Master of Technology Management degree focuses on providing students with the knowledge and experience to perform effectively in technology teams and lead innovation. Our program is distinct from similar other programs due to its:

Intensive Curriculum
MTM students commit to a full-time, immersion experience supported by a full-time, dedicated staff to maximize their academic experience and to prepare and find the post-degree employment that fits their dream.
Core Strength
The curriculum of twelve classes over three quarters that supports the small-team projects is constructed based on extensive interviews with leading local and national technology companies.
Elite Teaching Team
UC Santa Barbara has invested in full-time faculty and classroom resources dedicated to the MTM degree.
Cohort Experience
Each year’s class is a single cohort of select future leaders admitted based on their academic achievements, demonstrated drive, winning attitude, and desire to learn how to maximize their value within established companies and startup organizations.


To build our MTM curriculum, we worked closely with leaders of influential tech companies, founders of startups, and VCs from across California. We asked them what skills early career engineers and scientists needed to be successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneuers.

Not surprisingly, people who build new tech companies and people who create new ventures within established tech companies need a lot of the same skills. But, they also need some distinct skills. The MTM program helps students to develop all the skills described above.