Personal Documents

The application process for the Master of Technology Management (MTM) at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) requires that you upload 3 personal documents to the Graduate Division's online portal. These documents are the following:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Statement of Personal Achievements/Contributions
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Statement of Purpose

We want to know where you've been, what you do now, and what you aspire to do in the future. A superlative statement of purpose includes the following:

  • Your interest in tech
  • Your area of specialization in a given field
  • Your reasons for applying to our program
  • Your academic and extracurricular achievements
  • Your professional goals and how we could help you achieve them
  • Any additional info that may hep us determine your preparation and aptitude

The statement of purpose is where you may have the most fun on your application. It's where you may tell us about all of your unique and whacky life experiences. The admissions committee reads thousands of statements each year. A humorous anecdote or unique experience may help you stand out from the crowd.

Personal Achievements/Contributions

In your Personal Achievements/Contributions, we would like you to describe any interesting situations or experiences that you have encountered throughout your life. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assuming dangerous risks and taking daring adventures
  • Coming from a family of limited means
  • Being financially responsible for family members and/or other dependents
  • Having to work during your undergraduate studies
  • Learning new languages, especially via travel and language immersion
  • Living among people in multicultural communities
  • Spending time helping people with limited means
  • Conducting research on cultural, societal, or educational problems affecting underserved communities
  • Evidence that you intend to use MTM for social good or to help disadvantaged individuals or populations

Résumé or Curriculum Vitae

Your résumé (or curriculum vitae) should give us a sense of who you are. But it's not meant to be a biography. We're especially interested in the events and activities in which you have participated that offer evidence of your drive and distinction (or leadership and initiative) or are relevant to a career in tech management. In your résumé, you should highlight the following:

  • Your academic experience. List all of the universities you attended and degrees you obtained.
  • Your extracurricular activities. Tell us of any extracurricular activities in which you have been involved since high school, either full- or part-time.

Letters of Recommendation

We require 3 letters of recommendation as part of your application. We encourage you to secure letters written by recommenders who know you well. Such letters are more powerful than those from recommenders who don't know you well or at all.

Follow-Up with Your Recommender
It's important that you follow up with your recommenders to describe the program to which you're applying and to advise them on the strengths you'd like them to highlight in the letter. You should emphasize to your recommenders that the letter must arrive before the required deadline. Otherwise, your application could be deemed incomplete and even rejected if submitted for the 3rd and final round.

Submitting Letters of Recommendation
There are 3 ways in which you may submit your letters of recommendation:

  • UCSB Graduate Division. The easiest way to get your letters of recommendation submitted is by entering your recommender's names, e-mail addresses, and current places of employment at the UCSB Graduate Division's online portal. Once you do so, the Graduate Division will send instructions to your recommenders on how to fill out their letters.
  • Recommendation Letter Service. Should you choose to use a Recommendation Letter Service (such as Interfolio or your university's registrar's office) to submit one or more of your letters, we will instruct you to indicate this information within the recommender profile. Most letter services, however, do not provide a rating of the student on a rating scale. In that case, you'll need to ask your recommenders to enter their information at the UCSB Graduate Division's online portal.
  • Letters Submitted via Postal Mail. Online submission is the preferred method for submitting letters of recommendation. If your recommenders are unable to do so, they may directly submit their letters of recommendation along with a cover sheet to MTM at University of California, Santa Barbara, Technology Management Program, MC: 5129 1333, Phelps Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5129. Even then, you'll be expected to add the recommenders' names and contact information to your online application.

Official Transcripts

You must upload an official transcript for each university you have attended to the UCSB Graduate Division's online portal. An official transcript is one that is produced by the university you attended and that contains all the appropriate seals and stamps. 

Domestic Applicants: You may scan and upload all pages of your official transcript(s) to the UCSB Graduate Division's online portal. Please remember also to scan and upload the grading scale, which is often found on the backside of your official transcript. If your official transcript lists your Social Security number, please cross or black out the number before uploading.

International Applicants: If you have received your degree, please include your degree certificate within the same file. Your uploaded document must include your transcript both in its original language and as a certified English translation. The certified English translation is required. It must be a complete, exact, and literal translation of the original transcript. Your university or an official agency must translate the transcript.

If you're admitted to UCSB MTM and indicate your intent to enroll by submitting a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), we require that you submit your final official transcript(s). You may do so by having your university directly send these documents in a sealed and signed envelope via post office mail to the UCSB Graduate Division at the following address: Graduate Division, University of California, Santa Barbara, 3117 Cheadle Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2070. We must receive your final official transcript the day before the first day of instruction of the fall quarter.

Exam Scores

UCSB requires that all applicants -- domestic or international -- take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). UCSB also requires that international applicants take Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). For all tests, UCSB reviews only the most recent and complete set of test scores reported. 


You may choose whether to take the GRE or GMAT. Either test may be taken at any time of the year but prior to the application deadline to which you're applying. To accelerate the review of your application, we recommend that you upload your unofficial GRE or GMAT scores to the UCSB Graduate Division's online portal. If you're admitted to UCSB MTM and indicate your intent to enroll by submitting a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), we require that you request the Educational Testing Service (ETS) or the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) to submit to UCSB your official GRE scores or GMAT scores, respectively. If you take the GRE, please instruct ETS to report your official scores to UCSB at institution code 4835. Official GRE test scores are valid for five years after the testing year in which the test was taken (July 1–June 30).


You're required to have an excellent command of written and spoken English language prior to your enrollment at UCSB. If your native language is not English, then you're required to take the TOEFL or the IELTS. The university minimum TOEFL score requirement is 550 when taking the paper-based test (PBT) and 80 when taking the Internet-based test (IBT). The university minimum IELTS score for consideration is an Overall Band Score of 7. Official test score dates must be within 2 years from the day the applicant submits the online graduate application.

UCSB may grant an exemption for applicants who have previously completed an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution whose official language of instruction is English. UCSB will consider exemptions for applicants (1) who submit final official transcripts indicating completion of the degree program and (2) who provide proof that English is the official language of instruction for the institution.

TOEFL Reporting
If you choose to take the TOEFL, please instruct ETS to report your official scores to UCSB at institution code 4835. You are also required to enter the Test Date and sixteen digit Registration Number found on your official ETS Report Score on your UCSB Graduate Division online application. In the meantime, please upload your unofficial score to your your UCSB Graduate Division online application.

IELTS Reporting
Applicants taking the IELTS must make arrangements directly with IELTS for testing and score reporting. We prefer paper test reports. These should be sent to the Graduate Division at the following address: UCSB Graduate Division, Attn: Graduate Admissions, 3117 Cheadle Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2070.

If you prefer to have you scores reported electronically, please notify the UCSB Graduate Division by email at that you have chosen to report your scores online. In the email, please provide your Centre Number, Candidate Number, and Test Date. The UCSB Graduate Division's online application also requires that you enter the Centre Number, Candidate Number, and Test Date found on your IELTS Test Report Form.

Application Fee

All UCSB applications require a non-refundable application fee of $105 for domestic applicants and $125 for international applicants. (The application fee is also non-refundable for incomplete applications.) Your application will not be processed until the UCSB Graduate Division has received your application fee. You may pay the fee by credit card or check/money order using the Check/Money Order Submission Form found on the last page of the application.

Document Upload Specifications and Requirements

UCSB accepts PDF and Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) documents for upload in the online application. The maximum file size allowed is 4 MB per document. You may view and replace any documents you have uploaded until you click on the "Lock" button. Once you do so, you won't be able to replace what you have uploaded. So please preview each document carefully to ensure that you have uploaded the correct documents. We won't be able to replace documents for you once you have locked them.

You must upload all required documents to the online application by the application deadline of the round to which you're applying no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). The admissions committee will mark any application with missing documents as incomplete and won't review it until the next application deadline round. Any application with missing documents submitted for the 3rd and final deadline will be marked as incomplete and automatically rejected.

Completing the Application

To be considered for admission, you must complete the UCSB Graduate Division's online application. A full explanation of the UCSB Graduate Division's application process is located here.

Updating the Application

During the application process, please notify us of any changes in your address, phone number, or e-mail address. Otherwise, you may miss important notifications regarding your application, missing supporting materials, or admissions decisions. We'll notify the Graduate Division of any changes.

Please note that once you submit your online application you won't be allowed to make any changes to it. So please review your application carefully before submitting it and print out a physical copy for your personal files.