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A New Approach to Business Education

The Technology Management Program (TMP) at UC Santa Barbara provides driven, innovative, and entrepreneurial students with a solid foundation in business principles and professional skills vital to their success after graduation. We offer a professional Master of Technology Management (MTM) degree, a Ph.D. in Technology Management, as well as UC-recognized certificates to current undergraduate and graduate students.
By welcoming students from diverse, educational backgrounds, TMP adds vitality and diversity to its team-oriented and project-based curriculum. Students work under the guidance of dedicated faculty, practicing professionals, and experienced mentors. Students are introduced to state-of-the-art business methods, strategies for successful technology commercialization, new venture creation, and best practices for fostering innovation.
TMP also operates a number of activities beyond the classroom, including seminars, networking events, and career fairs in order to encourage personal development, technical innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Benefits of Participation:

Whether you are a student, faculty/staff member, experienced entrepreneur, local business professional, or representative of private equity, there are many reasons to participate.
  • TMP has become one of the most popular and successful educational programs at UC Santa Barbara, with broad impact on and off campus.
  • With an innovative curriculum and focus on preparing students for successful careers, TMP adds value to students’ primary degree programs.
  • TMP helps students find employment opportunities through its deep network of alumni, practicing professionals, retired executives, and experienced entrepreneurs.
  • TMP’s affiliated businesses and sponsors gain access to a strong pool of talented graduates who have combined technical and business expertise.
  • TMP graduates stimulate economic growth through technology commercialization and new venture creation.