Eric Zackrison

Zackrison, Eric



Ph.D. (20t7) University of California at Santa Barbara Dissertation Tiflel. Organizational Coordination and Communication: The Development and Testing of an Integrative Model Advisors: David Seibold / Ron Rice Master of Arts (2011) Missouri State University

Teaching and Research Interests:

Coordination Leadership

Relationships and their impact on organizations and groups
Small Group Communication Organizational Communication Boundary Spanning Communication Behavioral Styles
The intersection of non-profit, for-profit, and civic leadership in the development of policy

I am particularly interested in the intersections of business, community non-profits, government, and stakeholders within those contexts and how those relationships work together to attain goals I approach research from an applied perspective, seeing a need for research to be grounded not only in theory but also to have real world application.

Research Presentations:
Bulis, R.A., Dahlen, E. Gasiorek, J., Hartsell, E., Mangus, J. M., Seibold, D.R., Sultzer,8., & Zackrison, E. (2012, May). A "team response" to "Allfor one and oneþr all: Teams,

Zackrison,8.J., Seibold, D. R., & Rice, R. (2015). Organizational coordination and communication: A critical review and integrative model. In E. Cohen (Ed)., Communication yearbook 39 (pp 195-233). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

Rice, R. E., Zackrison, E. J., & Seibold, D. R. Coordination. (2017) In C. R. Scott & L. K. Lewis (General Eds.) and J. Barker, J. Keyton, T. Kuhn & P. Turner (Associated Eds.), The international encyclopedia of organizational communication (in press). Chichester, England: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Research Presentations:
Bulis, R.A., Dahlen, E. Gasiorek, J., Hartsell, E., Mangus, J. M., Seibold, D.R., Sultzer,8., & Zackrison, E. (2012, May). A "team response" to "Allfor one and oneþr all: Teams, Zackison c.v. 3 of 5

groups, and organizational communication. " Presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association. Phoenix, Arizona.
Zackrison, E.J, (2010, October). Dialectics in intergroup and inter-organizational communication: An examination of boundary spanner communication. Paper presented for poster presentation at Organízational Communication Mini Conference. Zac E.J M &Ro A. l1 IN ct

Separated families: An examination of conflict program participants and their negotiation of identity within the family. Competitive paper submitted to Central States Communication annual conference' s Graduate Student Division Zackrison E..J., Seibold, D., & Rice, R. (top paper) Organizational coordination and communication: A critical review and model. Top Four Paper 2014 NCA annual conference.

Works in Progress:
Zackrison, E.J.o Rice, R.E., & Seibold, D. (2017). Organizational coordination and communication: The testing of an integrative model.
Zackrison,8.J., fuce, R.E., & Seibold, D. (2017). Measuring organizational coordination mechanisms: The development and testing of an instrument.
Zackrison,8.J., Rice, R.8., & Seibold, D. (2017). Organizational perspective and its effect on coordination in complex organizations.