Ph.D. Cost and Financial Support

Program Costs

The cost of pursuing of a Ph.D. in Technology Management varies by a student's residential status. (i.e., whether you are a California resident).  For a complete description of UC Santa Barbara’s graduate student quarterly fee structure for residents and nonresidents please visit Graduate Division's website on fees and costs.

Financial Information

Financial Support

A separate application is not necessary to be considered for financial support for those who have already submitted an application for admission. All awards are merit-based. Types of financial support available include:

Graduate Student Research (GSR) Positions: pays a monthly stipend plus fees, health insurance and nonresident tuition. Offers are made by individual faculty members.

Teaching Assistantships (TAships): pays a monthly stipend plus fees, health insurance and nonresident tuition. Offers are made by the department.

Fellowships: most pay a quarterly stipend plus fees and health insurance and sometimes nonresident tuition. Offers are made by the department or UCSB's Graduate Division.

Technology Management is committed to funding all Ph.D. students for 4 years through a combination of the types of support outlined above.

Financial Aid

Need-based aid is only available for domestic students. To apply for aid, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted separately. More information is available through the UCSB Financial Aid Office.

If you have any questions about the program, contact an admissions advisor at Click here to show mail address

Assemble all documents and other materials prior to beginning your application. Be sure to carefully read the instructions listed on the main Ph.D. program page to ensure that you correctly complete each section of the application properly. We recommend that you keep personal copies of all application materials. A full explanation of the graduate application can be found on the Graduate Division website

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