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Field Projects

Hands on Field Project and Leadership Development

The Master of Technology Management program provides students with the skills necessary to lead a technical organization. During the final two-quarters of the program, students work on field projects with local tech companies as part of the MTM’s Field Practicum. You will work with your peers in teams on a consulting capacity and work directly with senior executives at tech companies to solve real business problems.

MTM faculty advisors work with the teams, providing guidance, offering constructive feedback, advising on a regular basis, and giving individual performance feedback. Students work in teams in a consulting capacity role and work directly with executives from local tech companies on real and challenging projects from those companies. Teams receive support from MTM faculty advisors, including guidance on their business projects, constructive feedback of work in progress, ongoing advising, as well as individual performance feedback.

Real World Learning

Field projects include a new venture, development of UCSB intellectual property, or project supplied by a firm. This practicum offers additional instruction as well as team- based and individual coaching in interpersonal communication skills that are key to effectiveness in teams and enhances capabilities necessary for creating and leading effective teams.