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Photo of Professor Patrick McCray, Photo credit BRIAN W. ROBB
News | Apr 30 2018
News | Apr 20 2018
This upcoming UCSB Alumni Weekend, Dr. Kyle Lewis is presenting on Building Strong Teams as a part of the Gaucho Grown Showcase.
News | Mar 13 2018
Official Opening of UCSB’s Wilcox New Venture Incubator
News | Mar 8 2018
The dedication and compassion of UCSB staff members was on full display during the Thomas Fire and subsequent mudslides
News | Feb 8 2018
Congratulations are in order for our very own TMP undergraduate lecturer, Patrick Callery! Patrick is a PhD Candidate at the Bren of Environmental Science and Management and the Department of Economics at UCSB.
News | Jan 26 2018
Nanotechnologies aim to modify macroscopic properties through observation, control, and manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.
News | Jan 18 2018
Unite to Light, the nonprofit founded by UCSB’s John Bowers, is providing thousands of solar lights to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.
News | Dec 6 2017
Drawing on its intellectual capital across disciplines and its proven record of startup success, UC Santa Barbara is moving full steam ahead on a host of programs all centered on innovation and entrepreneurship.
News | Oct 13 2017
George Holbrook, local resident, venture investor and philanthropist, has pledged a $4 million to fund continued support of the Holbrook Foundation Fellowships he created in 2011.
News | Oct 13 2017
Strobe, a lidar startup that could give the giant automaker a leg up in the race to make self-driving cars a mainstream technology.
Blog | Oct 3 2017
UC Santa Barbara’s newest doctoral program, the Technology Management Program’s (TMP) Ph.D. in Technology Management, enrolled its inaugural cohort this Fall 2017.
News | Sep 27 2017
A multidisciplinary team of researchers, including UC Santa Barbara scientists John Bowers, Michael Goard and Luke Theogarajan, has been awarded $9 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop and widely share state-of-the-art opt
News | Sep 11 2017
In its 2018 listing of the “Top 30 Public National Universities” in the country, U.S. News & World Report has ranked UC Santa Barbara No.
News | Aug 23 2017
A company started by two Santa Barbara-area women that matches up electric vehicle drivers with charging stations now has registered users throughout Southern California.
News | Aug 2 2017
Can’t find your phone? Ask Alexa! Amazon has developed an Amazon Alexa skill that allows people to ask Alexa where their phone is and get a location.